Buy,sell, trade new & used fire equipment.

NEW FIRE TRUCKS FOR SALE - Pumper,Tanker & Water Tender Trucks

We have one(1) new 2019 Freightliner M2 106 Chassis in stock!
350 horsepower, automatic, for pumper or tanker up-fit! 


2019 Freightliner - 2,500 gallon, new fire tanker with 1,000 gpm pto pump.

DD 8 375 horsepower motor  - Sold Albany Area Volunteer Fire Department,Ohio

Can duplicate on the last, 2019 M2 106 Freightliner in stock.
New fire pumper tanker for sale New fire tanker for sale 

New delivery - New Fire Pumper Tanker, Albany Area Volunteer Fire Department - Albany,Ohio

DUPLICATE IT!  Why not duplicate this 2,500 Gallon Fire Tanker with 1,000 Gpm Pto pump?

Can be duplicated on stock-new Fl M2 106 with 350 hp Cummins....Starting@ $229,900.00, with out lettering......


2019 Freightliner M2 106   1,250 Pump & 1,800 gallon pumper tanker body - Class A Pumper

 Call for details or options...

SOLD:  2,000 Gallon Tanker Tender On Used 2003 Freightliner Chassis
 New Trenton Volunteer Fire Department, New Trenton, Indiana

This is a unit built similar specs - NFPA compliant - 350 horsepower    Wetside or Elliptical

JUST DELIVERED!!!!  Used 2005 International chassis with new Pumper Tanker Body

Used pumper tanker for sale-sold
New Darley 1,250 LDM Pump and 2,500 Gallon Poly Tank - Zico Pool Rack
Features: Zico pool rack, Newton Swivel Dump,Amdor Roll Up doors and
Fire Research LED Scene Lights. Reflective
 This apparatus also features
 or "sister" company product

 Traffic Lites.....

  Maltese crosses in 3M  
  Diamond grade reflective. 
  Shown are the blue and lime
  yellow green colors.

  Also the apparatus number
  in the NFPA approved
  Golden Rod color. 2004 Sterling Chassis (used) New Wetside Tanker Body: Contract - Herndon PA.

used tanker fore sale fire pump
Click on the above picture for a YouTube video of this fire fighting tanker on used chassis!

Used fire tanker for sale - pump
  Used 2004 Chassis - Sterling Acterra
  Diesel / Automatic
  Low miles

  NEW Wetside Tanker Body

  750 Gpm Darley Pto Pto Pump

  1,800 Gallon Poly Tank

   Newton Sw6000 Dump controlled from cab

   HID Headlights

   Whelen LED warning Package

   FRC LED Scene Lights 

USED FIRE TRUCKS FOR SALE: New Tanker with Pump Stock - SOLD
Belleville - McVille Fire Protection District, Burlington, KY

New Fire Tender Tanker Demo - 2,300 Gallon Tank

2013 Single axle chassis in stock, 2,300 gallon, with Darley 1,000 gpm pto pump for sale! SOLD
 new 2,000 gallon tanker for sale New Stock demo 2,000 gallon tanker 
Our "wetside" tankers are 3/16th inch aluminum body, poly tank by APR Tanks, with a Newton swivel dump.
On a new or used chassis, you can;t find a better built truck for the money!

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 2014 Crew Cab with refurbished body
1,25 pump - 1,250 tank

2011 International Pumper

2009 Kenworth w/ 3,000 Pumper Tanker Body

               2009 Kenworth 2,000 Gallon Pumper Tanker

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