Buy,sell, trade new & used fire equipment.

Used Fire Fighting Equipment- Hose,Adapters & Turn Out Bunker Gear 
Scroll down for listing our listing of used fire equipment for sale.

We have an ever changing inventory of turn out gear - bunker gear, new, never issued.
We now have an excellent selection of used adapters, fittings, both storz and NST threaded.

We have some parts for used fire trucks, 1995 or newer, no longer are involved with parts for antique fire trucks.

Please visit
Society for the Preservation & Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America.
New Used fire adapter storz  used new storz fire adapter

Harrington 5" Storz X 5" Rigid  adapter - $110.00 shipping U
S only

5" swivel  x 5" storz elbow 5" Storz Adapter elbow like new

Like new salesmen demo - 5" Swivel X 5" Storz  : $135.00 shipping included US only
Used storz adapter   Storz adapter long handle
Used Storz adapter - 4.5" Long Handle X 5" storz -  $125.00 shipping included US only
used storz fittings

    New & used 4" storz fittings, caps and
     Call for details as the list changes daily




TURN OUT GEAR - BUNKER GEAR - New and used for sale

Black Fusion Pant - Yellow Green Triple Trim

3 XL X  30"  IS   - 6/ 2014     MFG date

Call for sizing and styles...

Close out pricing for INNOTEX Gear, some demo gear.....Big savings!

New, never issued bunker pants and coats, some gear available in Black.

Black Crusader Coat with orange triple trim
Black Crusader Pant with orange triple trim

Close out bunker gear - turnout gear - new - used for sale

All inventory is listed below, we will not be offering more in the near future, buy now and save.

New black bunker gear coat New Used Demo Turnout gear New bunker coat for sale
These sets are Lg - XL sets   NO LONGER HAVE FULL SET OF 3XL

Close Out Bunker Gear

  Innotex Black Crusader   - 60% Kelvar/ 40% Nomex       Crosstech 2F XE 89 Chambrey

   - Black Nomex Wristlet with thumb tab
   - PASS Tab on sides of coat
   - ALERT - Patch on collar
   - DRD Device
   - Orange triple trim

 42 Chest - 35" Sleeve      MFG. 6/2012  - One in stock
New used turn out gear  New close out bunker gear

New - Never issued ,bunker pants - 50 waist X 30" inseam  $425.00

new used bunker coat black  Used New turn out coat

Demo used like new gear coat  INNOTEX BUNKER COAT - Salesperson Demo

  Black Fusion Outer Shell
  NFPA trim - Y/G Triple Trim
  Zipper Closure
  Radio Pocket - Left chest
  Flashlight Holder - Right Chest
  Goretex Moisture barrier

  MFG  Date 2012

$475.00 plus shipping US.

  Black bunker pants for sale new  

 $250.00 each plus shipping US only.

  2012 or newer gear, never issued, 2007 standards in original bags,from
We have been buying this new/Used/Close Out gear and passing
  the savings on for years.

  Regular waist, with suspenders.... 8/ 2012 MFG.
  Sizes: 42 W x 30 IS,
             44 W x 30 IS  
             34 W x 32 IS

 Cash,check, money order or credit card, we do not take pay pal. Plus shipping US only.

                             Pants, close out pricing - inventory reduction - $250.00
 plus shipping US only.

  Inventory changes, call for sizing and pricing....

  7 days a week      9 am - 7 pm    (419) 410 - 3936

used fire equipment for sale used fire equipment for sale used fire equipment for sale
Stacked Tips              Akron Axial P;ay Pipe $400.00                 4.5" Redhead Low Profile Strainer - $125.00 (2)
used fire equipment for sale used fire equipment for sale
Akron Gated Valve - 5" x (2)  2.5" NST                  Jaffrey - 4" storz elbow X  2.5" nst-

Jused fire equipment for sale   

Snap tite- 2.5" NSt x 4" storz                                       Zico Ziamatic   Air Pak Bracket   $75.00                                                              

used fire equipment for sale  

Kochek 4" storz locking x 2.5" male                         Red Head 4" storz x 2.5" male

used fire equipment for sale used fire equipment for sale

K & K Nozzle F 2060 Dual Gallonage     5' Floating strainer - Part only no floats


Savox HC-1 helmet mic Savox mic adapter for Motorola radio Helmet Savox mounted Fire Fighting
We have a limited quantity of these demo helmet mounted "bone" microphone with
interface mic/speakers for Motorola hand held radios.  

 15 Sets in stock for Motorola radio interface, XTS series radios. These are the actual connections.

Savox radio parts  

The HC-1 Bone mics are considered "used/issued", and the C-C500 are surplus inventory.
These will be tested before shipping, but are sold "as is".

* And as with all our electronics or electrical items, sales are final and items cannot be returned.

Internet - Facebook Special:  5/28/ 2014

Package deal.....Two (2) HC-1 Helmet bone mics and One (1) Savox C-C 500/Jedi MPM
speaker mic with shipping included........................................
* $350.00 

Call for details.............   7 days a week      9 am - 7 pm    (419) 410 - 3936

Remove from used fire pumper during 

Used lightbar pick up truck size

 Used Federal Lightbar
 for sale.....

 52" AeroDynic

 1999 version, removed  from 1999 Pumper

 Very clear lenses, never  left out in sun!

                                                                          Used light bar for sale,like new..... Asking $200.00 
Demo - Sample - One of a kind new & used fire equipment for sale
This not a complete list, our inventory changes regularly, visit often for updates!

MSA Cairns Defender helmet impact caps  Defender Impact replacement Cairns MSA
MSA Cairns  - Defender Impact Shells - replacement for 1010/1044 helmets - total of 18 in stock.
Get a new shield that pivots up into and under your Cairns helmet shell. Clean, protected ready for deployment.
This is for new and retro fit applications in these helmets.

Complete Retrofit kits, 1010 or  1044 Cairns helmets only........these are clear lenses.

There price...$158.00        Our internet special ....................    NOW  $55.00 shipping......
We accept money order,Master Card...Visa..Sorry no Pay Pal.

Inventory changes frequently, so stop back often, if your looking for an item, gives us a call!
7 days a week      9 am - 7 pm    (419) 410 - 3936   
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